@DubC_WSoccer visits England

@DubC_WSoccer visits England


The Wilmington College women's soccer team took advantage of the NCAA rule that allows foreign tours every three seasons with weeklong voyage to England.

"Our trip to England started out very adventurous with sleeping in the Cincinnati airport on army cots the first night to playing and winning three matches against English clubs, seeing the most historical landmarks in England, to experiencing the food, the culture and the people," said Wilmington head coach Steve Spirk. "This was a once in a lifetime trip for many of our players."

In addition to the opportunity to play against some English clubs, the student athletes had the chance to visit historic places such as Wembley Stadium, Buckingham Palace, Warwick castle, and the Arsenal Soccer stadium. The group also attended a professional soccer match between Preston North End and Sheffield.

"My goal was to see the team have a great experience, have fun and to become close," said Spirk. "I believe we achieved that."

Wilmington opens its 2017 season 7 p.m. September 1 against Transylvania at the Mount St. Joseph Tournament.


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